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That's what we propose to the reader, experienced one and to any other:
Thrilling detective story

Course one, rather edible:

Series "Detective stories of Ksenia Vorobey, a feminist and optimist girl"

1. At 10:40, from Kursky station
2. From Uriupinsk with love
3. Witchcraft with lethal outcome
4. Blondes to play, and lose
5. Your strychnine, madam!
6. Devil's mistress
7. File from the black archive
8. Scenery with a pool and death
9. Dreams are mortally dangerous
11. Damnation of an African prince
12. Mannequin with a dagger and a hat
13. Death on loan
14. Contest on the role of victim
15. Beware, miss Ksenie!

Course two, for those who's not full up

Series "Theater of a lone detective"

1. The swamp
2. Queen of spades' death
3. Gambling with death
4. A shadow beyond the mirror

Course three, for the most hungry

Series "Adventures of Lyalya, a superwoman of а superagent"

1. Red light in the end of a tunnel
2. A cup of poison for a dessert
3. Big expert on shady dealings

Product composition: criminal melodrama - moderately, detective voyages and adventures - frequently, classic plots - occasionally; can't do without a thriller, plenty of mysticism, adventurism - with open hand!

As well as: irony, a little bit of humor, loving for one's neighbor … and distant, courage, selflessness, dedication and … unlimited ability to engage in troubles.

Never: losing courage and low spirits.

The dishes are served in "Eterna" publishing house restaurants regularly and with no days-offs.

Also recommended for tasting by gourmets: producers and literary agents for translation and screening.

Telephones in Moscow:
325-41-15 publishing house
993-06-69 home (Olga Voloshi
8-903-248-09-81 mobile (the same)