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Here we are: Olga, Anna Voloshins and the cat Alisa Here we are: Olga, Anna Voloshins and the cat Alisa(a constant hero of Ksenia Vorobey stories)

Anna: Beginning with the fact that we are sisters. Not twins and I am the younger.

Olga: I let her begin our discussion. Exercising my right as the elder sister. Also being interested, what good she will say.

A: We started to write together quite recently. Olga and Anna - we discuss first project

O: And before we had been writing a little all by oneself.

A: Don't interrupt me for nothing! Sometime on a party we agreed to bet with two our pernickety relatives on a box of champagne. We said we would write a couple of books on a proposed theme, and these books would be published and liked by a reader.

O: So our heroine Ksenia appeared. At the beginning it was hard to make the plot's ends meet and to come to an agreement on every controversial point of developments. But the principal obstacle was the following:

A: We live in different towns. And we had to do something with it. My husband and me lived in Saratov, and Olga with parents - in a little town in the Moscow region. And she rented an apartment in Moscow to be closer to her work. She loves passionately to sleep in the morning Anna and Oliga-discuss new translation Agates Kristi

O: It's quite obvious, because I don't go to bed at nine PM! But as a whole the previous words are equitable. So Annie had to give up her beloved work in a literary agency in Saratov, to abandon her habitual domestic husband and not less beloved cat and her dear gas-stove. How could I throw up my planning institute, where I try my best to work as a chief accountant!

A: So, we rented a country house in a marvelous village Valentinovka. In winter! We really wanted to live in silence and in out-of-town environment, which, through hearsay, inspires all the writers and poets.

O: We had enough of romantic appeal: when the first freezes began, our water pump broke, and all through the winter we had to carry the water in buckets from a well and we took a bath under a thin stream of water from a mug. Our cat Alisa shared a rough time with us. Actually, he had nothing against these sufferings. Anna declamation their own first poetry: About bear

A: We were nearly fighting during our disputations, if our heroine Ksenia is a good housewife or not. I am a good cook and needlewoman, that's why I wanted to teach our Ksenia to knit and to embroider, and to make her a perfect cookery expert. She could prepare some tasty things between investigations, and at the same time retell the readers my best recipes. As for Olga, her best achievement in cookery is scrambled eggs with unfeeling spaghetti.

O: But on the other hand I am very tidy. In contrast to Anna, who isn't able even to hang her clothes on a chair. After her exercising in cookery the kitchen needs cleaning.

A: As a result, Ksenia was portrayed as a clumsy person and a bad housewife. From time to time she invites friends, relatives and some other persons to tidy up the house and to prepare descent food. It is rather convenient both to Ksenia and to the authors.

O: In addition to the other inconveniences, we have different biological rhythms of life. Anna is a "lark", and I am an "owl". On the one hand it is convenient: the both of us use our computer from six o'clock in the morning until three after midnight. But on the other hand Imagine, you have an oblivious sleep at 10 o'clock, or earlier, and somebody wakes you up mercilessly and rudely in order to read you a perfect fragment. Or to ask you what was the name of this old witch who poisoned a lot of relatives and friends in the sixteenth century. And with the help of what poison she ditched them all. In that moment I was ready to kill my dear co-author. Oliga:6 years, matutinal coffee

A: Take a look at yourself! She sits by the computer till dawn and never stops smoking. It is stifling indoors and I have nightmares because of it, but that's not all. Moreover, she damaged our flowers by her cigar-butts: she throws them into flowerpots when ashtrays are full.

O: This is my only imperfection, which remained after five years of life with my excellent and blameless ex-husband.

A: We also had other difficulties, if you want 'em. Our editor didn't like that there were few murders in our books. We couldn't commit more than one murder in one story. The reason of that was lack of experience and absence of a simple bloodiness in us. There was not enough thrill and suspense. All our attempts to kill somebody else led to rough disputations, a character, proposed by one of us, didn't suit the other. Finally, the criminal characters began to help us: after all they learnt to kill, and their motives became clearer. Anna: and once again about bear

O: One more problem we had with the absence of abusive words and other bad language. We have to admit that stray people and drunkards spoke in our books like teacher's training college graduates at the beginning of magisterial career. Our reviewer noted this drawback. So we began to learn and use strenuously bad language. But now we have a problem of these lexical units' spelling.

A: Actually we have still some problems with it.

O: Let's say something about our private life. Being the elder sister, I was the first to divorce with my husband. My ex-companion was tall, slim and rather handsome, a blue eyed dark-haired man. In addition to it he was improbably blameless, in other words, he didn't drink alcohol, didn't smoke, didn't swear, didn't brawl, didn't didn't and didn't. For several years of living together I have been forgotten to take strong drinks, to say bad expressions like "Buzz off" or "Go to hell", etc. When I promised him to give up smoking, I understood that I become insipid and colorless person. I had to run away quickly. Anna: a work on garden area

A: Don't think that I simply followed an example of my elder sister. My reasons for a divorce were much more profound. I always dreamed to serve in army, and my husband definitely objected to my plans to make a military career. I started a divorce proceeding and quickly joined the army as a military signaler.

O: Oh, what a thrilling romanticism! Annie's home quickly changed into dump, because it was her husband who had been cleaning the house. Hungry and dirty little daughter implored her mother to let father return. No wonder, if you crawl across the marshy area and interlay a cable all day long, at home you have no time to cook semolina and wash dirty laundry. You just take a shower and go to bed.

A: And you, yourself have served two times at the Komsomol's house building! It's better to have stars on shoulder boards than lathe turnings all over the clothes. Anna: on first literary seminar

O: But my photo may sometimes be pinned on the ROSSELMASH board of honor! That's what Komsomol house building was about, you know.

A: And I really had to bring back my husband. The daughter rebelled against sausage sandwiches and a crimpled school uniform. After rehabilitation the husband kept silence for two weeks, but then he slammed fist on the table, and my military career came ended, at the rank of junior lieutenant.

O: But she didn't lose courage and organized an embroidering hobby group. Oliga and Anna: student years - from first course before last

A: So we didn't have time for affaires d'amour.

O: Unfortunately! But each of us has one marriage, one divorce and one baby. (Indeed our children have really grown up). Not counting the Anna's repeated marriage with her former husband. So we have much interesting ahead, in private life as well as in creation.